Join Rowan Artillery

Rick leans away as Samantha pulls the lanyard on our 24 pound Coehorn Mortar. Shooting zinc balls up into the air to try to hit a stick 100 yards away is FUN!

Think you”d like to smell black powder in the morning, wear wool in the sun, blow holes in targets and play with Big Iron?

If you are interested in learning more about skirmishing, or interested in joining Rowan Artillery, read on to learn more, then get in touch with us! Email us and lets get you started checking out Civil War Black Powder shooting!


Members fall into one of the two following categories:

    1. Shooters: Those members who participate in musket and artillery competition under the auspices of the N-SSA. These members will be dues paying N-SSA members. They will acquire the uniforms, accouterments, and arms detailed in Annex B as a requirement of membership. Shooters must maintain their status as a shooter by shooting in three skirmishes per year; one must be a Regional and one a National shoot.
    2. Associate: Those members who do not participate in uniformed battery activities but who wish to attend battery activities in a supporting or spectator capacity. These members will be non-voting members but may attend meetings.

Article 7: Membership prerequisites

Membership prerequisites fall into two categories:

  1. Shooters:
    1. Must meet state and federal eligibility requirements for firearms ownership (i.e., not a convicted felon, no history of substance abuse or alcohol abuse, no discharge from the Armed Forces under less than honorable conditions, no history of treatment for mental disorders.)
    2. Must agree to refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages in accordance with N-SSA rules (i.e. don’t drink and shoot).
    3. Must agree to conduct themselves as law-abiding citizens, Southern Gentlemen, and Ladies.
    4. Must be at least 18 years of age, waiver able to 15 years of age if his parent or legal guardian is a member.
    5. Must agree to pay dues and purchase uniforms, equipment, and weapons while in a probationary status (one year).
    6. Must agree to comply with all the articles in the by-laws.
  2. Associate:
    1. Must be sponsored by a shooting member in good standing.

Articles 8: Membership Application


  1. Shooters:
    1. All new members must be sponsored by a battery member in good standing.
    2. The prospective members must attend at least one monthly battery meeting, and then he can apply for membership. The application can be either oral or in writing to the First Sergeant or Adjutant.
    3. The First Sergeant will inquire as to the prospective member”s character, see if he meets the prerequisites in Article 6, and brief the prospect on the goals, expectations, and requirements of the organization.
    4. The Executive Committee will approve or disapprove the application of the new member and announce his decision first in private to the applicant”s sponsor, then at the monthly battery meeting, which follows the prospective member”s first attendance. The battery membership can override the decision of the Executive Committee by a two-thirds petition of the battery membership.
    5. The new member formally joins the battery by paying his dues as a shooter for the calendar year in which he joins. The first year”s dues are due in full at the time he joins, regardless of what month it is.
    6. The new member is a probationary member of the unit for one calendar year after paying his dues. He is subject to dismissal for cause by the Executive Committee and loss of membership without appeal during this twelve-month probation period.
    7. The probationary member must procure his complete uniform, accouterments, and musket during the year of probation. Failure to pass the First Sergeant”s turnout inspection of the Class A uniform under arms within the one-year probation period is grounds for dismissal.
    8. One calendar year after paying his initial dues, the new member becomes a full member and receives his membership certificate from the Adjutant.
  2. Associate:
    1. Associate members become members of the battery by being nominated by a member, being approved by the First Sergeant, and paying their dues to the battery.
    2. There is no probationary period for associate members.
    3. Probationary unit members cannot sponsor associate members until they have served their one-year probationary period.
    4. Associate members will be non-voting members but may attend meetings, events, and shoots as non-shooters.

All members will be put on the Battery e-mail list and kept informed of the schedule and other events.

Associate members may when wearing a proper Battery uniform attend events other then shooting events (i.e.. living history) with the Battery as part of the Battery.