We Are Rowan Artillery

Rowan Artillery - 2013 Fall Nationals
Rowan Artillery – 2013 Fall Nationals

Rowan Artillery was formed by former members of Manley’s Battery and the Washington Grays in 2002. We are a small, family-oriented team, and our members live in and around Raleigh, North Carolina. We also have members near Selma, NC, and even up in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

We represent a unit that was an artillery unit during the Civil War (we call it the Recent Unpleasantness here in the South!), based out of central North Carolina. Hit our history page if you’d like to learn more about the history of the unit we represent.

In the present, we shoot in the Tidewater region of the N-SSA, and our home competition range is Fort Mahon in Capron, VA.

We currently shoot these competitions (depending on how many team members can make a particular competition):

  • musket
  • carbine
  • smoothbore
  • mortars (of course, we *are* an artillery unit, and have 4 mortars!)
  • cannon (yes, we DO shoot the big guns!! Whoohoo!)

We welcome new members, male and female. Think you’d enjoy putting on a Confederate uniform, picking up a black powder weapon and breaking targets? Enjoy camping (or RV’ing – many of us do that instead) with good friends, eating good food and having a great time in competition and hanging out afterwards?

Check out what you need to know to join up, and lets get you supportin’ the South! There are targets to break!

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